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Membership form and exhibition information

No member is guaranteed exhibition rights.  The exhibition of new member work is a juried process.  Please email us with photos of your work and we will contact you with information for when we will review your work in person.

  • No nudity, profanity, sexually explicit or frightening images (horror) will be accepted.  

  • All exhibition pieces must be family friendly.   

  • All work must be professionally prepared for exhibition and must       remain intact under regular maintenance (i.e.) dusting and vibration from walking/vacuuming.

  • Glass and metal objects (sculpture and freestanding work) must be secured to guard the safety of the viewing public as well as can be reasonably established. 

  •  The jury committee will insure that works exhibited in the gallery conform to the standards as set forth by the bylaws.

  •  Student works will be considered and may be exhibited with the information included that the work is “student” work.

                                          No reproductions.

Limited addition prints should be numbered (i.e. 4 of 35 etc.)

ORIGINAL work only.  Nothing produced in a class under teacher supervision or as a group painting class.Photos should be from limited printing runs.

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