Gallery  1

 604 W. Main Street -Sylva, North Carolina 28779

Spending Time With  The Mountains

 The Plott Balsams of Western North Carolina seem created to inspire.

 Artists come here to make them their muse.

Visitors come to enjoy the climate and the hiking trails  yet in so doing often feel the urge to pick up the camera or maybe a paint brush.  

We who live in Jackson County have only to walk out our back door to see the beauty around us.     

Gallery 1 contains the work of local artists who have been nurtured here on the  flanks of the Plott Balsams.  

Come on up!   It is worth the climb!


Hours of Operation

The Covid 19 Pandemic has forced us to close our doors for the time being.  We operate with a volunteer staff  and we must abide by their wishes and consider their safety.

As we develop this site we hope to have gallery pages for each of our artists.

If you see a work that you are interested in viewing work in  person we can schedule an appointment to meet you and allow you access to the gallery.  



604 W Main St
Sylva, Jackson County 28779


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